With the evolution of technology new questions
related to faith and spirituality will Araise.
What’s going to be the role of religion?
Who are we going to pray to?
Who’s going to be the new God?
What if religion and technology will be one?
WHAT IF? Was an exhibition about the infinite possibilities of the future and FAITH was one of the 12 works – installations, photographs, posters, videos and digital explorations made by Fabrica’s international team of young creatives at the end of their art residency.
Everything we know is going to change. From the way we eat, to the way we breathe. From the way we are born, to the way we mourn. We started using technology to change our environment. In return, technology has shaped us in every way possible, and it continues doing so.
Fabrica’s scenographic architecture becomes a space to showcase some of the infinite possibilities the future can offer. Through different artistic practices every “Fabricante” envisions the possible, the probable or the preferable.
The exhibition was inaugurated on July 27, 2021 as part of an event open to the public
Alessandro Niro Art direction, graphic design
Marta Celso Project management
Gianluca Urdiroz Photographer

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