What's an efficent way to raise awareness on a very important topic? Just create a symbol that's also a tool to react to the issue. When my team and I received the brief to create an exhibition about catcalling in a new cultural space in milan we decided to start from the creation of a new symbol that could address the topic in a serious and effective way.
In Scalo Lambrate the core of the exhibition is a model of a pink whistle. Inside, a speaker is playing voices of catcallers until visitors hear the sound of the whistle. Suddenly the voices stop. The model is 3 mt. tall and stands in the middle of the room.
All around, on the walls there are pictures of eyes looking at the visitors in an unpleasant way.
The gadget for the exhibition is a pink whistle. Visitors can take it home and use it as a tool to react during an episode of catcalling. The instruction card helps to create a strong symbolic meaning addressing to the whistle as a serious tool.
During the time of the exhibition there will be a whiteboard with two simple questions that people can answer: What would you tell a catcaller? How did you feel after an episode of catcalling? 
The whitleboard will also be used as a background for talks and workshops on the topic.
Alessandro Niro Art direction, graphic design
William Grotto Art direction
Sarah Elawad Graphic design
Jonathan Bocca 3D modeling
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